Carbamide Peroxide 30ml Accordion Bottle (44%)

Powerful Carbamide Peroxide
Right Viscosity™ for High Reactivity and Low Sensitivity
Large Accordion Bottle (30ml / 1oz) of Carbamide Peroxide Gel
Includes Blank Refillable Syringe
Over 120 Whitening Applications
Volume Discount
10ml Carbamide Peroxide Syringe
10ml Carbamide Peroxide Syringe
10ml Carbamide Peroxide Syringe
Best Teet Whitening Formula!
Sales price: $29.95

Quantity Discount: 5+ (5%), 10+ (10%), 25+ (20%), 100+ (30%), 200+ (Call)

This has quickly become our BEST SELLER! Professional Carbamide Peroxide Whitening Gel is the strongest at-home whitening gel made and is the result of decades of research. This Right Viscosity™ is long lasting and stays on your teeth where it can do its job. Unlike every other formula found on in OTC markets, this gel is made from a low-glycerin base that promotes fast whitening and low sensitivities. Our formula is tried and true and is formulated with a delightful mint flavor. Get a great deal when you buy bulk gel in our unique Accordion Dispenser with our precision Micro-Line dispensing tip! This high-tech container holds as much as ten (10) standard 3ml syringes. Since much of the cost of dental whitening gel is in the expensive packaging, you can save BIG by eliminating your syringes. With the precision of our Micro-line dispensing tip, you actually get better targeting precision than a syringe when applying gel in your bleaching trays, saving you even more money while reducing sensitivities. We even provide you with a refillable Dental Dispensing Syringe w/ Tip Cap so you can fill your own syinge from your BULK Accordion Dispenser. The Micro-Line Dispensing Tip will work on either the BULK Accordion Dispenser or the Dental Dispensing Syringe, your choice.

Each Bulk Accordion Dispenser Whitening Gel Pack includes:

  • Powerful 16%-44% Carbamide Peroxide
  • Ultra Thick, High-Penetration Formula
  • Bulk 1oz (30ml) Accordion Dispenser
  • Refillable Dental Syringe with Tip Cap
  • Micro-Line Precision Dispensing Tip
  • Over 60 Whitening Applications