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Carbamide Peroxide GelCarbamide Peroxide Gel

salesmallWe have negotiated a limited time deal to offer wholesale prices to the public. We will keep this sale on so long as we have inventory, but it's going fast so don't miss the opportunity to use the finest dental whitening products at prices that are lower than anywhere in the market.

Carbamide Peroxide 60ml Bulk Tube (22%)

Powerful Carbamide Peroxide
Right Viscosity™ for High Reactivity and Low Sensitivity
Huge Bulk Tube (60ml / 2.1oz) of Carbamide Peroxide Gel
Includes Blank Refillable Syringe
Over 120 Whitening Applications
Volume Discount
Save Money by Refilling your own Syringes!
Save Money by Refilling your own Syringes!
Save Money by Refilling your own Syringes!
No Rubber Components
Best Teet Whitening Formula!
Sales price: $34.95

Quantity Discount: 5+ (5%), 10+ (10%), 25+ (20%), 100+ (30%), 200+ (Call)

Save BIG Money! Our Carbamide Peroxide Gel in this huge bulk quantity TUBE is a fantastic value! This large 60ml TUBE contains as much whitening gel as in twenty 3ml syringes and provides you with over 120 whitening applications. Also included in this package is a reusable 5ml dental dispensing syringe so that you can target the whitening gel with precision in your bleaching trays. Now you can save money by filling your own syringe as needed.

Our Professional Dental Office Strength Carbamide Peroxide Whitening Gel is the absolute best whitening gel on the market and the only glycerin-free formula in the industry! The special formulation provides the best tooth-pore penetration (where most staining occurs). This means that it works faster and more effectively with lower tooth sensitivity and better safety standards. It is the exact formula used by professional dental offices. It is simply the best. Our containers have no rubberized components which have been shown to taint the whitening gel and adversely impact teeth.

This is the gel of choice by dental professionals for both high-powered, tray-based bleaching and in-office LED Lamp-Assisted Bleaching. You can use our bleaching gel with your existing trays or with our Premium Customizable ThermoForm Trays.  Use it for quick five-minute touch-ups or for overnight bleaching. Because it is glycerin-free with Right Viscosity™ technology, it the most reactive gel under LED lamps for in-office bleaching.  Finally, its unique formulation allows for it to be used as a powerful daily brushing gel in addition to your usual toothpaste. Evey little bit of whitening effort counts and you will have plenty of gel to do address your teeth whitening project from all angles. Each Bulk Tube Refill Pack features the following: 

  • Powerful Carbamide Peroxide
  • Right Viscosity™ for High Reactivity and Low Sensitivity
  • Huge Bulk Tube (60ml / 2.1oz.) of Carbamide Peroxide Gel
  • One Reusable Blank 5ml Dental Dispensing Syringe with Tip-Cap
  • Over 120 Whitening Applications
  • Detailed Usage Instructions
  • One Reusable 5ml Dental Dispensing Syringe with Tip-Cap 


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